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All the love that history knows, is said to be in every rose. Yet all that could be found in two, is less than what I feel for you.

Deep inside you have my heart, I knew right from the start. Your beauty hit me like a dart, and I knew from then on we'd never part.

Today two friends start a journey walking hand in hand, as one they'll share everything, always now that their journey has begun and as they go on together, blessed by me and you, may these two friends always treasure the day they said, "I do."

It is truly a blessing when true love grows, forming a union between two kindred souls. And now that path leads us to a moment like this, when a perfect love is pledged and sealed with a kiss.

Your old lives ended, your new life begun! O may that life be like a splendid sun, Forever burning, lighting up a way Of Love and Peace — through an eternal day, Full of kind deeds, born of a mutual caring, Sweet little things to make your lives endearing.

May you love dearly: as Husband and Wife, Please be the essence of each other’s life — The yearning and the breath; and yes, the star! And all the other precious things that are.... Treasure your love, and let your love be true, Fresh as a rose in dawn’s light’s gems of dew.

Today is a dream realized from years past The white dress, the wedding cake, the promise of a love that lasts Today is the beginning of a journey the two of you now share The vow to love, honor, and cherish now seen in the rings you wear But tomorrow, tomorrow you will wake as husband and wife Where the person next to you is yours for life And so my wish to you both is that when you wake each day You will turn to each other with the same look you share today.

Now here we stand, in front of our family and friends, to go down that road, to endless love and passion. So take this vow and take my hand, Close your eyes and see that it will never end.

No matter What stands in our way, This two lives will be one; On our wedding day.

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